Continental pools, Baltimore, Maryland, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
Everything that is agreed with this agency is respected , I am very pleased with their organization and what was available at any point, would provide the answers to our questions

Experience with location Baltimore, MD was neutral.
Quite a big city , it's very nice there, you have what to see and has a very good nightlife .

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
Hours : 9 Number of hours per week : 54 Average tip : / Vacuuming the pool , checking chlorine , keeping accounts that guests recorded snort of arrival to the pool and to carry their passes , rescuers should wear their uniforms and to watch swimmers and if someone violates the rule to be a lifeguard warning.

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra Djokovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Baltimore, MD.

Aug 6, 2016