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7 Aug

Taco Bell, Minot, Severna Dakota, Inspirit

August 7, 2016 @ 10:16AM
Year of travel: 2014
Agency: Inspirit
Agency Experience: Neutral

I am pleased. They are totally ok as for the contract.

Location: Minot, ND
Location Experience: Positive

The town is boring, but good for earnings. The second job is very easy to find when you want to do.

Employer: Taco Bell
Employer Experience: Positive

Hours: 10 Hours per week: 36 The Taco Bell I was preparing food, made ​​and put annex if necessary washed dishes ... At the beginning they gave fewer hours , but I eventually got more and more . I also worked at the Sleep inn housekeeping where I was 12 at the clock and I was paying the tax , which is great.

Aleksandar Antonijevic

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