Work & Travel Experience / Publix” supermarket i “Shoneys” restoran, Panama City Beach, Florida, Ideas
3 Aug

Publix” supermarket i “Shoneys” restoran, Panama City Beach, Florida, Ideas

August 3, 2016 @ 9:38AM
Year of travel: 2013
Agency: Ideas
Agency Experience: Positive

Owner agency's totally fair and responsible.

Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Location Experience: Positive

The place where we were accommodated called Panama City Beach, Florida state . The city is predominantly a tourist with a huge hotel on the beach but it is a little while . Like any large competitions town full of only during the summer. Panama City Beach as a place for finding another job is solid , it depends on what you want to do. I managed to find another job, but it was not easy , you have to be persistent.

Employer: Publix
Employer Experience: Positive

Hours : supermarket 10.5 $ per hour , the restaurant $ 4.77 + tip Number of hours per week : supermarket : 36-46h , 25-30h restaurant Average tip : tip in a restaurant between $ 30-120 per day Work at the supermarket was just fine . Work consisted of filling shelves with new and supplementing the old products, unloading trucks , etc . The people I worked with were very pleasant. The restaurant business is like any other job as a waiter . Your mission is to be kind and serve people as best as possible , of course I of which will depend on the height of your tips.

Aleksa Simanic

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