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14 Oct

Ocean House, Westerly, Karavan Travel

October 14, 2016 @ 12:51PM
Year of travel: 2012
Agency: Karavan Travel
Agency Experience: Positive

All praise, always contact me and everything was organized, mine was only to come to a job interview and visa and to the airport when it was told to me.

Location: Westerly, RI
Location Experience: Positive

The possibility of finding second job from the end of June, beginning of July because of the season that starts in that period of time. Nightlife is almost non-existent, a few bars on the beach that is close to 1. The climate is very pleasant. Accommodation $ 100 for a week, so we ordered the employer, it may be unable to find something else, but for this price gain all that is necessary and solid quality, most importantly, close to the beach, where you can easily find additional jobs .

Employer: Ocean House
Employer Experience: Positive

$ 9 an hour, 50 $ tipping a week and 40 hours a week Washing dishes, emptying bins in the kitchen, cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen. If you can avoid this position, because in this employer (Ocean House) you can find a much better position. Weak is the percentage of the monthly service charge, more precisely 3% of the total stock tips, which come out about $ 150 a month, while the other positions received drastically bigger tips.

Comment: The employer has a contract to fulfill all obligations and were absolutely correct, for students organized a trip to Six flags, with a limousine ride, as well as shopping tours 2-3 times, also with a limousine ride. Further work looking at the Sandy Shore, Breezeway, Sandy Castle.
Bojan J.

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