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7 Nov

Obos Enterprises, Vail, Colorado, Karavan Travel

November 7, 2017 @ 7:58AM
Year of travel: 2017
Agency: Karavan Travel
Agency Experience: Positive

My experience with Karavan Travel is very positive. I didn't have any problems. They were available whenever I needed some information or help and the were always correct. All praise for their work.

Location: Vail, CO
Location Experience: Positive

Vail has a very good location. It is located just two hours from Denver and is connected with the main roads that allowed me to visit some places in Colorado and Utah. For example Arches NP and Canyonlands in Utah are four hours away from Vail and definitely worth a visit. If you are a nature lover, you like hiking, biking, etc. then Vail is a right place for you.

Employer: Obos Enterprises
Employer Experience: Positive

I didn't have any problems with the employer. Everything was as in the contract. The job is not tiring and requires everyday contact with tourists that has allowed me to improve my English, meet new people, learn something new.


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