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30 Nov

Nantucket Bike Shop, Nantucket, MA, Work and Travel Group

November 30, 2016 @ 9:17AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Work and Travel Group
Agency Experience: Positive

Overall experience with the agency's positive. They want to help, they are always available, they have an understanding of all the issues. I inquired about other agencies and conditions so I can not compare them with other. They had the best site and I just went to them and applied.

Location: Nantucket, MA
Location Experience: Positive

I highly recommend the Nantucket whatever your goal is. The island has beautiful beaches, the weather is perfect, tourists are usually 30+ people but there are a lot of young people who came to work. Profit is one of the best in the whole of America. There is work for all who want to work, if you want 100 hours can be done. Life and pension are expensive but there are fora for saving, you will see when you go there.

Employer: Nantucket Bike Shop
Employer Experience: Positive

Training has lasted for an hour and I started to work the first day. Correct the maximum, salary is always on time, know their obligations, go out to meet them. I got two increases during the year from a dollar an hour, the bonus in the form of a check and cash bonus at the end of the season. They want to work hard, but very price if you are worthy.

Comment: One of the best decisions of my life, I went to WnT program. I recommend everyone to experience this amazing experience!

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