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11 Jul

Johnny Rockets Restaurant, Myrtle beach, Prestige

July 11, 2016 @ 2:13PM
Year of travel: 2010
Agency: Prestige
Agency Experience: Positive

They are great. I decided to go for them because I saw after the talks to be reliable and correct , so I do not chattering , go and see for yourself

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Location Experience: Positive

Tourist town , a beautiful plaza , the crowd of tourists..j Public transport is bad , but to work all arrive by bicycle ( which can be obtained from blacks $ 20 :)) to tom 10.15 min..u a center of it all is , clubs , restaurants , boutiques , and there were mostly all employers , and there is required and other job.. But in such a small place you can not find Turkish coffee , soup , while in NY, Chicago has everything from eurokrem to ajvar (serbain nutella and a dish from paprika):) Accommodation: hotel, from 150 to 250 $ monthly. Everyone are located next to the beach , with pools.. Everyone have a kitchen with some basic dishes, has a maid , tv, wireless ... and it has a totally inexpensive variant ( about $ 100 per month per person), to rent a empty house but would then have to buy mattresses for sleeping, cooking utensils , .. both can not seek on the spot, when you arrived there ..

Employer: Johnny Rockets Restaurant
Employer Experience: Positive

2$ per hour, tips average 80-120 $ daily Job Description: Shifts were 10 to 16 and 16 to 23, 24h. Every server has two or three tables that serves . first week is a trening, job description is also playing with some retro songs, so the Yanks having fun , but they give you a nice tips.. It was hard , but also cost-effective : ) at the end of the shift have a duty to wipe something , recharge case , Fix your own area; what they do in every restaurant in America , hours from 30 to 40 weekly. Sometimes I worked as a host, Hours $ 7 + tip about 200 a week. I found another job after a week , the boutique , 8 $ an hour , about 35 hours a week .

Comment: W & T is a true story of students. First you have to plan that you 're going to mess around and enjoy or make money. If fathers earn less then a better place where costs are not great , but at the end of this week on a tour of NY , or any agency which vec.. , nicely inform yourself , and put under his feet, to conquer America , and all with a smile ( a wide smile, a gold tooth :)) .. how much you earn depends on yourself how much you are willing to work , but hardly anyone fails example . to repay invested , buy technology , suitcases filled with clothes , a pair traveled around the city , or at least NY ..so that you are safe in profit feel free to ask if you were my album .

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