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29 Jan

Indigo Lounge, Provincetown,Massachusets, Ideas

February 28, 2017 @ 9:38AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Ideas
Agency Experience: Positive

The agency done its part of the job more than fair, I had their constant assistance, as in choosing a location, finding accommodation, and snort with arrival and stay in the United States. I highly recommend to all Ideas team, especially those who for the first time participate in the program, because it is of great importance that the agency has the patience to advise you on everything to all possible details!

Location: Provincetown, MA
Location Experience: Positive

The town is small, which is a great advantage because you do not need any means of transport. Everything is within 5 minutes walk. It has a very long main street where a lot of restaurants and shops, so you can very easily find another job. The price of accommodation ranges from $ 170-200 per week, which is the only drawback of this city, but in a way of life in Ptown price is commensurate with earnings.

Employer: Indigo Lounge
Employer Experience: Neutral

Not enough staff in the facility.


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