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11 Jul

Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, AYUSA

July 11, 2016 @ 3:57PM
Year of travel: 2011
Agency: AYUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

Very good they were , all is done at time, without any problems and disagreements.

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Location Experience: Positive

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place during summer. A lot of people , excellent climate, for the whole year I think it is 7 to 8 times only rained that immediately after the rain sun rise and continued after the fall of the most old. Rain otherwise 15min . :) Since the tourist town for another job depends a lot on seasone. There is never so bad that no job is only important that he is looking at the weather , which I think is the case in other places. Nightlife is great there are plenty of discos and bars . Accommodation: accommodation As far as we are living in the Court Capri hotel where he lived and most students. It's nothing special but quite enough. With the accommodation , you can use 2 swimming pools one internal one immediately to the beach and 3 Jacuzzis , of which one on 10th floor hotel is open.. :) The apartments are like a little apartment , 2 bedrooms bathroom kitchen terrace. We were 4 in a room , the rooms may be 6 except that we did not want to push so we expanded after people. :) The price was about $ 70 for the week .

Employer: Hard Rock Cafe
Employer Experience: Positive

3,5$ +tips Busser's job is to clean the tables when guests leave, returns to the ice bar and the line ( where servers pour drinks ) that brings pure alcohol in the case and bar , it changes the rear pizza which is lame on the device and still a lot of things to do. There are a lot of things to do. In the beggining known to be more difficult until you get used to the whole system , after just going . :)


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