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22 Aug

Fudgery, Kill Devil Hills NC, Ccusa

August 22, 2017 @ 6:56PM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: CCUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

The people from agency helped me as much as they could.

Location: Kill Devil Hills, NC
Location Experience: Negative

Location is fine. The house you are in is a two bedroom small apartment. Although they promise a room with 2 beds, we got a room with 4 beds. No kitchen. The kitchen is one electric cooker and a refrigerator. The dishes are washed in the bathroom.

Employer: Fudgery
Employer Experience: Negative

Do not go there. Unless you want to be constantly downgraded by the managers (Ivana and Matija) and J1 students who think they are better than you. You work for 8 hours, without pause (which is illegal) Stand on your feet and sell fudge. If you accidentally have no smile on your face (after 8 hours of work), you will be fired. What is their goal - to collect money from the deposit for your apartment and your bonuses. Prepare to be their 'dolls on the leashes' without the right to vote or any agreement. They simply want you to be in fear, desperate, helpless (constantly threatened with taking a visa), that's one of the reasons because they work with J1 students. If you accidentally go there, learn your rights and do not be afraid to contact the agency.

Natasa Hunjadi

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