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5 Nov

Fountainhead development, FAIRBANKS,AK, Ayusa

November 5, 2016 @ 9:15AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: AYUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

Good as always.

Location: Fairbanks, AK
Location Experience: Neutral

Alaska also has a summer, but at the end of August become cold, and the snow was falling even :D city is full of Eskimo and most of them are constantly drunk and drugged so that they should just ignore it ... fascinating is that by mid-July sun shone 23 hours at day, and when it started normally goes down, then began occasionally aurora that appears. + Location is so popular that in summer season filled with j1 students mostly from the Balkan, so that when you go to Wallmart, nearby shops or restaurants and fast food, the better the chances that you will talk to Serbian than English ... I came in June and I could not find another job until August (and I speak english excellent - and I was the only one who has not found a job, some for the whole year only had one), I applied to over 40 of the city but it was already taken, and that's how we was :)

Employer: Fountainhead development
Employer Experience: Neutral

This company has a couple of hotels, and I worked at the Bear Lodge at the Wedgewood Resort (which has apartments for guests, not hotel-type accommodation.) Job housekeeper is not difficult, but it depends now, there are days when you get 60 rooms and a sweat for 7 hour as ever, but there are days when you get just 10 rooms and easy when you work all day snails ... The contract stated that we will have from 32 to 40 hours a week, so it was, so the chances for overtime does not exist. The hourly rate $ 10.5 at the end of the season to give 50 cents for each completed hour. As was the tip or sometimes just the minimum, and we hatched our competent to take tips mainly:) (which should not work but now this evidence) It is from half past 8 to 5 pm, and you have one unpaid break of half an hour and the other of 15 minutes, which is paid ... most of us are clocking for the first break for a short time, and here now we arrived last paycheck and I see we all move as if I had a break of 30 minutes, so do not bother: D Several people were fired (which is obtained after 3 warnings), but they're getting if you get caught you're sitting at work or sleep.. But they checked us and suites because the manager lives in the same building and gave warnings for loud music, smoking etc ... in the room a lot of people are so lost deposits for accommodation on bass stupid way ... The employer has provided accommodation, about 15 minutes by bike from the Wedgewood Resort, 3 people in the apartment, you have a kitchen, sofa, TV, and furnished all have dishes, towels, linens ... next to the bedroom with 3 mattresses and bathroom. Not bad quarters although it is getting old and it was terribly dirty when we moved ... When he was fired and that he had to vacate a cheaper accommodation than this you will not find ... (73 $ per week)

Comment: One advice ... try to show your country in the best possible light, to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their English and gain some work habits and skills ... without really stupid to go that far and do not visit my single tourist attraction in America - really has a lot to be seen, and money you will have, so plan a trip on time :)

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