Work & Travel Experience / Forest Hill lodge and cabin, New York, KOUZON
28 Oct

Forest Hill lodge and cabin, New York, KOUZON

October 28, 2016 @ 9:48AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Kouzon
Agency Experience: Positive

Committed to their job and very pleasant for communication. Very pleasant cooperation, praise!

Location: Lake George, NY
Location Experience: Positive

Lake George, a small quiet tourist town, beautiful nature and the environment, lives only at summer.

Employer: Forest Hill lodge and cabin
Employer Experience: Positive

Wonderful people, like I was home! Theye care about everything, they gave me several hours and I worked literally everything in the hotel, they trained me, and I, and if I came to the contract as a maid worked at the front desk, and store ... of course I was trying to earn all or they are definitely something special. I got an offer to come back to them next year, nice bonus, and most importantly new friends because in wasn't an employer-employee relationship. Accommodation was phenomenal!

Comment: For those people who are going for the first time this is an ideal place, another job can be find ... my hourly rate was 9.25$, accomodation 80$ a week.

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