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7 Aug

Dairy Queen, Minot, Severna Dakota, Work and Travel Group

August 7, 2016 @ 10:20AM
Year of travel: 2014
Agency: Work and Travel Group
Agency Experience: Neutral

They are correct, neither would she added .

Location: Minot, ND
Location Experience: Positive

Pretty boring place without too many options for entertainment and no tourist attraction. The positive experience of finding another job because they are too many .

Employer: Dairy Queen
Employer Experience: Positive

Hours: 10 Hours per week: 35 The positive experience with the employer , as the contract is respected. Job Description: making ice cream , work the cash register , cleaning , filling, training new employees. $ 10 Hours , 35 hours per week , $ 20 per month and the tips that we received in just 2 months. I also worked in a hotel housekeeping , 12 dollars an hour , without taxes .

Aleksandra Zivkovic

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