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31 Jul

Cliffside Hotel Nantucket, Nantucket Massachusetts, Inspirit

July 31, 2016 @ 10:41AM
Year of travel: 2013
Agency: Inspirit
Agency Experience: Positive

All praise for the agency , employers from the US , an excellent selection of boys and girls who had been sent from this agency and who worked and lived with me .. ! All the best..!

Location: Nantucket, MA
Location Experience: Positive

The island is of seasonal work , over the years so that the work has to spare .. ! Is up to you whether you will go and look for another job .. ! People are beautiful , cultural , international , the city , has plenty Balkans from the former Yugoslavia , nightlife until 1h in the morning so it's only complaint for those who like to party longer .. :)

Employer: Cliffside Hotel Nantucket
Employer Experience: Positive

Sessions: $ 14 Number of hours per week : 48 Average tip : Rarely was Preparation of the pool before the opening of the morning : opening the covers to the pool , setting bag , watering flowers , opening umbrellas , observing swimmers , at the end of the collection bag , cover the pool and lock ..

Dalibor Kovacevic

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