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15 Jul

Cliff Side Hotel, Nantucked, Inspirit

July 15, 2016 @ 6:12PM
Year of travel: 2012
Agency: Inspirit
Agency Experience: Positive

The guys in the agency are truly beautiful at any time of the day and night there for you when you are thousands of miles away from their homes they care about you . Go out to meet all students and are always willing to devote the maximum and take the time for you . Real are , as they have been through " America " experience and absolutely know that give the right advice and suggestions. My experience with this agency has been positive to the extent that when I went there, I had a feeling as if I had already been in America (though it was my first time) because the guys from the agency that really bothered me explain everything. I recommend to everyone INSPIRIT agency and want to say that they have the best deals in Novi Sad.

Location: Nantucket, MA
Location Experience: Positive

Nantucket is an elite island between two beautiful city of Boston and New York. The possibility of finding another job is high because it is a place completely in the peak tourist season there are very many tourists , nightlife is not as different in Novi Sad and Belgrade, but it has its charms :) as for the climate have four seasons but the big difference is that years not very large heat because you are surrounded by ocean and beaches ! :) The only thing that may be a little bothered by the increased humidity within a certain period .

Employer: Cliffside Hotel Nantucket
Employer Experience: Positive

11-12 Hours $ 35 / weekly Job Description: waking up - have breakfast - go to breakfast in the hotel all ready to receive guests - more or less sit through the entire shift - clean up the kitchen later - go to rest - rest for an hour - get ready for another job - when I'm done I go home and go to sleep :) this is one working day but of course you have and days that are filled with socializing , bathe , sunbathing , resting .... one word enjoyment on a paradise island :)

Comment: Make sure to check the agency through which you go Recommendation: INSPIRIT TRAVEL
Tamara P.

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