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Denali, AK

13 Oct

Denali National Park, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

Alaska itself is not much where it could spend money, so if students want to earn money through the program definitely Alaska :) I went to this to make money.
13 Oct

Denali national park, Denali Alaska, GPA

Sincerely the place is out of the way, but a lot of work and can be a result. Poor have places to go, but there are plenty of young people who work, but all in all quite ok
13 Oct

Denali national park, Denali Alaska, GPA

Alaska is a great place where you can make good money during the summer season, there is no much choice to go out and rage, but there is always that fifth month.
13 Oct

Denali national park, Alaska, GPA

I easily found a second job, and I'm very pleased with everything that was there ... whoever wants to go I recommend it.
13 Oct

Denali, Denali Aljaska, GPA

Alaska is in my experience a place where one can make money for those who naturally wants to work, but also where there is not much to spend money so that i can be quite a savings.
13 Oct

Denali Armark, Denali, Aljaska, Work and Travel Group

The place is very small and do not recommend to those who go mainly for fun. It is good for those who want to earn and have all provided. At the end of the year you can on a good cruise because Hawaii is pretty close and there are very good deals for Cruise and is not expensive.
13 Aug

Denali, Denali Aljaska, GPA

My boyfriend and I were together , we did not go out much , the jobs has enough and we will go again next year to the same place
13 Aug

Denali national park, Denali Alaska, GPA

As for the Alaska to find a second job may be no problem, since all who speak good English are the preferred of course, my advice jobs are in restaurants because it is a very good tip
9 Aug

Denali national park, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

Nature is beautiful , there are a lot of students , night life and is not the best , but as for the extra work can be found without much trouble
7 Aug

Princess, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

The place is very nice , nature is beautiful . There is a possibility to find another job
2 Aug

Hollad American Princess, Denali, Alaska, Work and Travel Group

National Park nature is beautiful , and there is no space for any particular time so a good thing is that there is nowhere to spend a lot off money, while earning is good . As far as finding another job is easy to find if the student effort . It was not a problem for me.
9 Jul

Aramark Denali, Denali, Aljaska, Work and Travel Group

There was a lot of posibilities so success depended of a person. Mostly jobs in hotels and restaurants . I've found a second job in a restaurant as busser and I was very happy because I had tips.
5 Jul

Denali Vision 3000, Denali, Alaska, Prestige

Denali is a tourist village, and here you can see a beautiful nature, forget the discos, fast cars, buildings and madness. Nature is beautiful, and those who are not lovers of nature guarantee you will love, you have attractions such as ride fourwheelers, hang on a glacier, kayaking, rafting, and hiking, socializing with huskies, going deeper into the park, you can see the bear (yes I did :)), and Moose are commonplace, and squirrels :). Air is let the spring-autumn, but it is good to work, the city is alive from mid-May to the beginning of September ... There are all closed at the end of September, to a shop: D 3 how many there are, but it shows that there is nowhere to spend a lot of steam so there easily with the two jobs because she's famous figure $ 10,000 +. As for nightlife, there are a couple of pubs and clubs where you call every Wednesday organized parties for J-1 students, and other days they have some of his madness, being a couple of festivals in Denali type (beer fest, only much smaller) Basically you work in the "center" Denali Haley in a live, and traveling to work with bus about 15 minutes, if there is no road works :)

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