14 Dec

Mc Donalds, Estes park, Colorado, Inspirit

Everything was correct. The sallary was on time, the collective was great. The same pace of work all the time, but we have developed an atmosphere that was pleasant to us and there was no such tiredness.
27 Dec

McDonald’s, Ocean City, MD, American Spirit

My first job was at McDonald's are where I worked at the start in the kitchen and I baked french fries every day, until I figured out how everything works, mainly doing always the same, although it depends, later I was working at the cash register with the customers, and to you is much better, you just have to know the language. Basically you should know that this is about much more than elsewhere, has to stand even when there are no customers, to us and said, and we believe we hourly rate was $ 9. As my second job was in the "Big Pecker 's Bar & Grill " where the minimum hourly rate $ 8.75 but it is a lot more relaxed and you can sit down to relax of course within reasonable limits. I'm also working in the kitchen and had a meal.
2 Dec

McDonalds, Wildwood, New Jersey, Karavan

At the beginning they made a mess to me because I had less time than it was guaranteed contract. It's a hard work. Generally they try to pull everything they can out of you. I had overtime, finally, the last two weeks. Constantly on the move, speeding on non stop and when there are no customers and when.
30 Nov

McDonalds, Minot, American Adventure

People are great,atmosphere is nice and relaxing for work, always can agree and find a compromise and they maximum help you.
13 Oct

McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

Personally I am satisfied, my hourly rate was 7.75, the number of hours an average of about 55 to 60 a week ... Since the Mc Donalds in question, learn all positions so where the worker should be doing, there's no certain place which is in a sense not lose to break the monotony and boredom when it's just the same thing ..
13 Oct

McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

In Mc Donald is 7.25 and when they take taxes 6.5 at week, I had about 45 hours but decreased later. The first month in Mc Donalds, do not recommend, I found another job and then switched to another job to do 2 transaction. In Bobby Dee's Casino casino narrowing tip more for the family, I worked in the morning in a parking lot behind a parked evening walked inside with bag small pair and gave small change people. U casino hourly rate was 25.7 but I'm in agreement with the manager and got the check and cash. I had about 90 hours weekly. The job was easy managers were relaxed, and students employ extra mass society was joke, while in Mecca was crazy atmosphere. Managers all hanging over their heads always crowded you can not relax without the pause. In Mc Donalds I worked initially at the cash register or on the drive in, but open at 5 am, I spent quite a few times because it is impossible :) wake up in the casino was the morning I get in the parking lot, park about 50 rounds filled the parking sit and wait to be empty in the evening I walk around and people stopping me that small money and that's it.
13 Oct

McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

$ 7.75 / h ... around 40 hours a week Working day in McD in passing at an incredible rate, I never can you get bored, and whoever has once visited McD video is that there really is, and what it's about.
13 Oct

McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

Hours 7.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Description Employer: I worked on all possible jobs. I'm satisfied, nice experience.
13 Oct

McDonalds, Minot, North Dakota, Inspirit

Hours: 11 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: / These are all mostly students work on the grill and in the kitchen, sometimes at the front. It is difficult until you get used to it, a lot of students has resigned in the first two weeks. Shifts can be selected (first, second, third), can work 7-8 hours, even getting out and overtime. There is a pause, a half-hour, to give a free meal. Otherwise, all employees have a 50% discount.
14 Aug

McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

$ 7.25 , no tips, 40 hours per week Job description: 16: 00h -00:00h 4 hours of receiving orders at the drive thru , then 4 hours of operation at the front or in the kitchen. A half-hour lunch break .
14 Aug

McDonalds, Buffalo, Work And Travel Group

8$ and 7.35$ Job Description : My first job was in McDonalds , I had $ 8 per hour , too lazy people worked there . Second job was at Burger King , I found it only after a month , they paid me $ 7.35 an hour . Since I was in the United States spent 9 weeks , and only a month later found another job , okay I've been through , that is . I pulled invested , and something slightly shifted over it . The work in McDonalds boiled down to work on the grill , later on making sandwiches , other employees were mostly high school students , because in the north there is no Mexicans : D ok characters , only lazy , blowing constantly , even at work, BK also you will hardly find someone who does not blow , even managers . The McDonald's was hard , because everything I do , a manager of a bitch , and I was in BC and joking around a little bit , because they did cool people .
13 Aug

Mc Donald’s, Williston, ND, Inspirit, Novi Sad

Hours : 9 Number of hours per week : 35-40 The most glad to me was working at the cash register because of the constant communication with people , although sometimes they can be difficult . French fries part of the job I never liked because it was once a peaceful , but once is a huge crowd , you should turn into a machine for making french fries at a temperature of 500 degrees. In the end, we decrease the number of working hours, what I did not like . A lot of mate w&t student , which is great.
13 Aug

Mc Donalds, St. Louis, Missouri, Work and Travel Group

Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 40 I did not have any specific expectations with regard to the Mc Donald's. But they were quite ok . Generally the employers treated there very nice to employees , does not have any tensions or similar . They gave us a lot of hours , about 40-50 per week
10 Aug

McDonald’s, Minot, ND, Inspirit

Hourly: 11 $ Hours per week: 40 Average tip : 0 I worked in the kitchen , where you literally doing everything from cooking meat , passing all of the freezer, making sandwiches , cleaning , stacking things , a variety of helping . The positive side of Mc Donald's : a free meal during the break ( because somewhere is even employees do not give free food ) , how many hours do you want , a lot of people working and it is interesting , the employees have a 50 % discount when buying a soft , all you can meet . Negative sides : the first shift is quite difficult than the second and third shifts , so run away from it . Enough is harder and bigger the crowd .
7 Aug

McDonalds, Minot, North Dakota, Inspirit

Hours : 11 Hours per week: 40 Average tip : no I was packing food, I made shakes , ice cream . I worked at the drive - thru. If necessary, I washed the dishes and swept the playplace . Managers were ok , it was possible to work overtime and were great to us.
6 Aug

Mc Donalds restaurant, Wildwood New Jersey, Karavan Travel

Hours : 6.25 $ Number of hours per week : 32 The good side is that managers are very pleasant and we easy talked to shift , however downside is that there are not many hours per week and not to give overtime and payment per hour is not a lot
3 Aug

McDonalds, Wildwood,New Jersey, Karavan

Hours: 7.25 Number of hours per week: 40 Hours: 7.25 Number of hours per week: 40 The MC Donalds there are three shifts, morning and night daily. The easiest and most pleasant to work the morning when coming pensioners, Night is the hardest because they come drunk, but also the most interesting. As a rule, who works the night shift should be to have the most hours, that is overtime. But it was not that they were not at fair sharing of overtime. No tips, prohibited by the taking, but I took after I had met with better managers, but it is very small, about $ 20 on weekends. If the day doing more than 7 hours to obtain the right to a meal in the amount of 6 or 7 hundred dollars is more than enough. may also have some healthier eating salads and grilled chicken:) Work in the soft parts of the cooks, and the people at the cash register and the people who are served by circuits over the microphone, in the kitchen is the most honest, because no one is looking and can be talk, but it is very hot, the cashier can be a tense when a large crowd because the guests nervous. When receiving orders for the car is constantly alone in his small corner, I do not recommend this position .. otherwise everything is soft, easy to learn. The bad side of Mc Donalds, harder than any other work, a lot of stares and a lot of pure artificial grin permanently managers a shout. The advantage of a secure job, all other jobs depend on tourists and if it is weak Sunday does not work, Mc Donald still working.
2 Aug

McDonalds, Wildwood, NJ, WAT Montenegro

Hourly rate : 8.38 Number of hours per week : 40 There is much work, a lot of the talkong and it is a good team . They are tolerant to my other job what I really mattered .
31 Jul

McDonalds, Wildwood, New Jersey, Karavan Travel

Hourly : 7.25 Number of hours per week : 40 Average tip : 0 I was working at the cash register in constant contact with customers , as runner or food packaging to go, and took charge orders to drive try ...
15 Jul

McDonalds, Cooperstown, Karavan Travel

7.25$ (minimum) no tips, 40h Job description: I personally I have a positive experience to work at McDonald's . The whole time I was working behind the counter , so I was in constant communication with people , which I really was interesting . Physically I was not difficult ..
15 Jul

McDonalds, North Cape May, AYUSA

$ 8 / hour, 40 hours per week Job description: I worked on preparing food in the kitchen. The job is not that hard , but the people there are crazy . Therefore , no way to McDonald's in North Cape May- u.

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