29 Nov

Hilton hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Work and Travel Group

$ 12 hourly wage plus tips, which usually collect the supervisors, so that at the end of the day come out with 5 $ tip maximum, and sometimes not. Overtime $ 18 which is great. The job is hard and manager is required. 17 rooms to get ready for 8 hours was mission impossible. Supervisors are ok if you store it right.
22 Oct

Hilton hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Work and travel group

Job is difficult, no one can say it did not, but after 2 weeks used to it. At the Hilton are all great, with everyone you talk to and that you negotiate about everything. In the contract we were 32 hours per week, and we had an average of 40 or more.
9 Aug

Hilton hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Work and Travel Group

Wage per hour : 12 $ / 18 $ Number of hours per week : minimum 40 Average tip : / The job was initially very difficult , everybody wanted to leave in the first month , is painstaking , they have high demands , but later you get used to it , where you can learn goofing around , so the job becomes pretty easy. Overtime has more than enough . Since I did not have another job I stayed a day from 10 to 14 hours in the hotel . The timetable is $ 12, while all over 40h per week is 18 $ . According to the schedule to give 5 working days , but always , ALWAYS , called these extra 2 days to work. By September , it was so in September is already the end of the season so there is no work and then send employees home early . Also there is a lot of tips for those working in the morning shift.

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