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American Pool

26 Oct

American Pool Enterprises, Marlton, NJ, United work and travel

American Pool Enterprises ... Well, both positive and negative experience. Why? First they were just okay, sometimes not .. Basically, if you set the role that international students are stupid so i will treat .. If so that they can not see that you're fucking, then you will be ok .. first this week we worked less, earned less because we were 'dumb international students', in the meantime, we have their exasperated hours and we want to do, and after it was okay: D good read job offer, I say you did not read out and there is a thesis about how many miles you have to drive a bike to the pool, and everything else will they provide you transportation .. So in my job offer stated that the grankca 5 miles, and half of the year I knew that the longer After driving ... when I read a due 5.1 mile they drove me: D so, inform, seek their rights and everything will be okay :D
14 Aug

American Pool, Alexandria, United Work And Travel

7.75 dollars and had 50 to 63 hours per week Job description : I worked nine hours a day , with another gardom.U basically have an hour of work to sort out everything and everything is prim and pakum , and the rest of the time you spend sitting in a chair under a beach umbrella , watching swimmers , drink lemonade , the sun , meet new people ... interesting and not a little hard work.These Yue water , sun , summer , work , enjoy and earn pair
11 Aug

American pool VA, Woodbridge, Virginia , Work and Travel Group

Wage per hour : 8.25 $ Number of hours per week : 60 Average tips : They are good as regarding to hours . With whomever I was talking about , who worked as lifeguards at other companies like High sierra , Aqua safe ... had about 45h a week. They also organized activities such as bowling , a trip to Ocean City and simillar things. As far as the organization it is not always perfect , sometimes I was dragged along in the morning to go to work , and I planned to go to DC .
9 Aug

American pool, Woodbridge, Virginia, Work and Travel Group

Wage per hour : 8.25 Number of hours per week : 60 Average tip : / Standard lifeguards job at the pool , not so tiring. Hourly rate more than good. All praise too for the company in which has a lot of Serbs so everything is much easier.
29 Jul

American pool enterprise, Atco, NJ, United Work and Travel

Hours : 9.25 Number of hours per week : 40+ Average tip (weekly ) : $ 600 Rescuers lifeguard job is not physically difficult daily working hours are from 8-9 hours depending on the pool lifeguards duty is that the water and the content of the chemicals is within acceptable limits, that pool area is clean and to take care of the swimmers and guests who come to the pool
15 Jul

American Pool, Owings Mills, United Work and Travel

$ 7.5 per regular hour , 11.25 $ overtime is worked 55-60 hours a week Job Description: Job rescuer is not taken into account because it is difficult to pools where it's always fun. I worked in several pools during the summer and we all had a great time . Pools usually operate from after 9 or 10 hours a day . Opening the morning at 10 am Closing in a 19 or 20 hours . My super visor was our man Zarko Mladenovic from Leskovac .

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