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26 Jul

Bethany’s Airport Diner,Block Island, Experience

July 26, 2016 @ 9:54AM
Year of travel: 2013
Agency: Experience
Agency Experience: Positive

I am satisfied with the agency.

Location: Block Island, RI
Location Experience: Positive

The first time I was in America and I'm delighted . I worked on the island called Block Island, on the east coast of America. It's very easy to find a job , I worked in the kitchen, washing dishes , baser and was host at the restaurant. At work, there were many Serbs, so that in the kitchen, waved Serbian flags and listened only Serbian music . Time passed quickly and we had a great spent . I went to the vigorous Novak Djokovic in the final of the US Open , he visited New York , New York, Boston and Miami in the end that is really something amazing, in my opinion the best city in the world. There were a lot of interesting experiences, but they are not for the public. I met many interesting people , of which I became a really good friend. I can not wait to come back next year.

Employer: Bethany’s Airport Diner
Employer Experience: Negative

Hours 5$ Number of hours per week: Tips: Description of employer: Bethany 's Airport Diner , the hourly wage was only $ 5, tips ridiculously small , like we had two jobs at the same time as silly ... live in the basement, shared bathroom with 10 people and 4 cats . As soon as I found other quarters I quit . Surf Hotel was in the beginning of another job and quit when I first moved 'm just there to do. We were very well received , give us to eat and drink as much as we would like , super they deal with us, I am very satisfied and there are definitely coming back next year .

Vladimir Stankovic

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