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26 Oct

American Pool Enterprises, Marlton, NJ, United work and travel

October 26, 2016 @ 9:31AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: United Work and Travel
Agency Experience: Positive

Positive experience, albeit with Milan Rajinovic and Branko Zdero. (From these agencies recommend them) .. My agent was Zdero, and really the guy maked an effort to all the trouble to explain to me duly inform, calm tension before the embassy ... I really can not tell you all the best as regards cooperation with him.

Location: Marlton, NJ
Location Experience: Positive

The location is good ... 15 minutes by bus from Philly, and 2 hours from New York ... Affordable prices to these cities .. For example 10$ to NYC, $ 5 to Philly ... Marlton is a small town, but arranged ..

Employer: American Pool
Employer Experience: Neutral

American Pool Enterprises ... Well, both positive and negative experience. Why? First they were just okay, sometimes not .. Basically, if you set the role that international students are stupid so i will treat .. If so that they can not see that you're fucking, then you will be ok .. first this week we worked less, earned less because we were 'dumb international students', in the meantime, we have their exasperated hours and we want to do, and after it was okay: D good read job offer, I say you did not read out and there is a thesis about how many miles you have to drive a bike to the pool, and everything else will they provide you transportation .. So in my job offer stated that the grankca 5 miles, and half of the year I knew that the longer After driving ... when I read a due 5.1 mile they drove me: D so, inform, seek their rights and everything will be okay :D

Tatjana Grujovic

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