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High Peaks resort, Lake Placid, Experience

September 5, 2017

Positive, kind, timely information about everything, all the recommendations!

Kristina    Serbia     Positive    

Dead Freddies, Ocean City, Maryland, Experience, Novi Sad

February 22, 2017

Every seller wants to sell your product, so the agency wants to show you in the best light program that you send to any place only that they were agents of the village. I went twice over these agencies, and clearly pointed out what I want for the second time due to previous experience, but none of that has not been fulfilled. I was looking for something that will not be far from a bigger city that has places to go out, it's not cold and to be infused with our people, it's their special underlined. The first two have met the latter does not. The Agency has spent more time on presentations and lectures about the city that I go and the Romanian agency "All Friends " with which cooperate in Ocean City that was supposed to be our very helpful during our stay in America. During the visit of people from all friends, we just showered words of praise on the Ocean City, and how will our people from these agencies to be like a family, all the fringes of our problems regarding the employer, accommodation, transportation from the airport, guides us do not know you do not I kind of trips .. the truth is transported us from the airport to our accommodation, which we have not been known to momonta when we were kicked out at 4 am in front of a house and banged on the door to people who have already been accommodated here, fulfilled that we able to come to their office and use computers as well as to supplement and to buy sim card but when it came to those wonderful trip for us there was no room .. Accommodation I got in a dilapidated house where they lived only Romanians, and later there are two of our girls of the apartment we were 8. we barely breathe, let alone the city had in the fridge or suitcases. Doors could open a toothpick, parties were not permitted, only one application for noise by neighbors, and fly from accommodation, you could later very difficult to find, because they were overbooked. Accommodation cost us a total of opportunities for the whole season around 1,500 per person, plus 200 deposit that you apparently returned, but being in the house all falling apart you do not return the entire amount even though you are not to blame for this, so that when you take a picture of all the damage come to the house that you would not be blamed for something that you are not spoiled. All in all this presentation that will guide you all the booklets and manuals that will help to grant the famous presentations are just a hoax to you municipality that place, and how do you convince right there to experience the magic of America and spend an unforgettable summer, all this is nonsense, you are cheap labor on which sponzoraska agency and agency broker earn money, unfortunately this was reduced this once wonderful and very good Progarm ..

Marina    Serbia     Negative    

Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, NY, Experience

January 13, 2017

How it all began, over two years ago, I was listening to the stories of my friends, experiences, looking at photos, and imagined and dreamed now implemented dream of going to America. The motivation is always there, the desire was there, but you know how it goes with us, I said I was going, had a plan, but not the specific objectives and ways in order to make that happen. First came the denial by the family, "what are you going there, it is a long way, you can do it all here, finish these faculties first" and a lot of other similar examples of why not to go, get out of their box, why change everyday, why make a step further, all just to stay in this country, which gives us a huge number of possibilities.Then he began a story around the agency in the market, and which are offered, and when the cocoa and the like. How do I volunteer and NGO very active I had friends who each went through another agency. Then I said to myself the decision I firmly decided to go and I'll find a solution, but I'm gonna go to America on w & t program. When I informed my own, there was a lot of denial and is not permitted to leave. Despite the disagreement with my own I visited the agencies that were in Banja Luka, and from all the best impression is left Experience w & t Agency, which at that time was located in a small office in Borik, Banja Luka. Now is the Starcevici Street Stepe Stepanovic 95A. When I walked into the office, I felt a positive energy, and I saw two young men, sitting, smiling and looking very happy and satisfied dealing with the work they are doing. We met, I heard the Goran and Slaven, and started to realize my dream and experience that I wanted to get. Own initiative, I immediately wanted to first work as a lifeguard and I'm going to lifeguard program. And we agreed here, and I applied, got instructions for further process. When I came home, and said that I signed my own, I got more harsh and negative response that I can not go, especially as a savior. And again I want to go, and after the explanation, dobih option to go to the program but not as a savior, but to a different position. After a few days I collected the documents and went to the agency to give the same, again and cheerful spirit, excellent mood government, I met a couple of returnees who tell me with great experience, and validate my departure to America. In conversation with people from agencies mentioning that I changed my opinion, you offer me the option to Lake Placid and position busser, as assistant waiter, and immediately the first is taken up that position, although I did not know what that means specifically. There is now becoming somewhat java, and through the whole process I am very pleased with the attention and commitment to each student not only personally believes Experience agency, which really provided a maximum and helped me to fulfill my wish.

Nemanja    Serbia     Positive    

Block Island Grocery Store, Block Island, RI, Experience

January 4, 2017

Everything the best.

S    Serbia     Positive    

Neptune’s restaurant, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Experience

December 13, 2016

The Agency was ok as to the preparations for the program, they were there to answer to all questions and regularly are, by mail, provide all the necessary information about the program. As for the choice of location, are not so help me even though I signed up at the very beginning. There were minor problems with accommodation.

VT    Serbia     Neutral    

Kohr Bross, Cape May, Experience

December 9, 2016

Advanced, professional, always available! :) The best possible!

Branislava    Serbia     Positive    

Jelena    Serbia     Positive    

Rocky Mountain park Inn, Estes Park Colorado, Experience

November 7, 2016

With agency was everything all right, I am satisfied as a representative of the agency came personally to visit us when we had problems with other things.

Ivan    Serbia     Positive    

Harbor Grill, Rhode Island, Block Island, Experience agencija, Novi Sad

October 20, 2016

Agency has good communication with students. They are quite azure and help with different problems. With the team from the agency we have a friendly relationship, but again each student is different.

Nikola    Serbia     Positive    

Community Pools, Alexandria, Virginia, Experience

October 15, 2016

I was in a couple of agencies before I went with them. In a few words - it's simply feel like family, at home, and they are the most realistic and objective, you will not promise any villas and castles, all the more detail how it is.

Goran Kliska    Serbia     Positive    

Kelly House, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard, Experience

October 15, 2016

The employees are great, they are very friendly and had answers to all my questions (and there were many) :)

Nadja    Serbia     Positive    

The Oar, block island, Experience

October 15, 2016

Friendly attitude, very correctly.

Nenad    Serbia     Positive    

Hot Shots Photography, Wisconsin Dells, Experience

October 15, 2016

They're great, great team, open to cooperation. All recommendations. :)

Biljana    Serbia     Positive    

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites, Bethany Beach, DE, Experience

October 15, 2016

Agency is really great, from beginning to end, we had excellent cooperation. I got the answer to all their questions and what to me was very important, they are available throughout the year for all of us. They responded to all emails, sent us notice with useful information, even visited us during our stay there. All recommendations! :)

Ana     Serbia     Positive    

Narraganesett Inn, Block Island, Experience

August 14, 2016

I went through Experience , very good quality agency , all on site.

Aleksandra B.    Serbia     Positive    

Mirror Lake Inn,Lake Placid, NY, Experience

August 14, 2016

Secure, seamless team . They are always coming out to meet us .

Valentina Odzin    Serbia     Positive    

The Oar, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

August 14, 2016

Each cast them . They are the best.

Uros Radojicic    Serbia     Positive    

Harborside Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

August 14, 2016

All praise for the team Experience in Novi Sad . As for me , I am happy with them . Correct and are always there for us .

Jelena    Serbia     Positive    

Royal Hospitality Inc, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Experience

August 13, 2016

From the very beginning I had problems with the agency .They did not fulfill anything of what they promised and what we agreed on in the beginning . Even that polite accomodation who had to provide was a DISASTER !!!

N.J.    Serbia     Negative    

1661 Inn and Hotel Manisses, Block Island, RI, Experience

August 13, 2016

All the best, guys are really cool , they are complied with everything that has been agreed :)

Milena    Serbia     Positive    

Hotshots Imaging, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Experience

August 13, 2016

The best team definitely . For a short time they managed impossible. They sent me all the necessary, all information were available to me , preparing me for an interview with the employer , as well as the sighting , directed me about airline tickets , transport from the airport to the city in which I worked . With them all was facilitated and I had a feeling as if I am traveling to a neighboring country and not on another continent . Indeed all the sincere praise !

Tijana Jovin    Serbia     Positive    

Carousel group, Bonita Beach Hotel, Ocean City, Maryland, Experience

August 13, 2016

Everything was as deal , so you will not to have mentioned no little thing . They are very friendly and social as it should be

Nikola Rakic    Serbia     Positive    

Building blocks, Block island, Rhode island, Experience

August 13, 2016

Before going on the program has been a few disagreements ( sponsor failed to comply with the original agreed date of commencement of work ) , but in the end everything turned out great, actually are correct and then go back over them .

Jovana    Serbia     Positive    

Ja    Serbia     Positive    

Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid NY, Experience

August 13, 2016

Very good cooperation with the agency Experience BiH . Fulfilled the expectations and kept his promise . All praise , very professional.

Sinisa    Serbia     Positive    

Hampton Inn, Lake Placid, NY, Experience

August 13, 2016

Experience with the agencie Experience was very positive, the first time I went to this program from the start was really good and honest attitude toward me , the guys who are doing really positive and always willing to help and answer any questions , also the atmosphere in the office among them was always really positive , despite the seriousness of the work has always been the sale , I would point out that the agency organized transport from the airport to the place where I worked , and that is also organized all around the departure of submitting requests and finally obtaining the social Security number , all recommendations for expirience agency.

M.G.    Serbia     Positive    

Witham Properties, Bar Harbor, Maine, Experience

August 13, 2016

The agency has quite correctly done their part of a job , their organization is at high level .

Aleksandar    Serbia     Positive    

Community Pools Service Inc., Frederick, MD, Experience

August 13, 2016

Friendly staff , very kind and considerate , but they were from the beginning promised some things that do not depend on them personally, which is totally unnecessary and specific information which they must have had , they did not shared with us , and we got those informations after arrival in the USA .

Milica    Serbia     Neutral    

Espresso Illy, Las Vegas, Nevada, Experience

August 10, 2016

Very poor organization with employers, where we arrived in America lost their jobs and pensions, but they did nothing to correct the error .

Nikolina Tepavac    Serbia     Negative    

Block Island Grocery, Block Isnad, RI, Experience

August 10, 2016

Jovica and George are good and experienced in their work. Sale story in a good way, as not convince students and then say they have the perfect place just for me, but in fact this distress as best they arrive. poop that is not advertised, and what you see in colleges all over their flyers, then told me to cooperate with the supposedly more sponsors, which I have not seen in practice. Cooperate with the representatives of Dynamic Global Exchange and Deb Martin that manipulates each student. Here for example, I was convinced that for me just perfect Block Island and then I accepted that I would fill three desired positions, and then came this Debra and says no matter you are in the store and so we talked yourself into what they want. And when I asked them to see what they offer for other cities, this is just like lists and give at that position, which is all the way, and then only sending offers for everything they have, of which more than 70% of Block Island, RI . This Debra holds even this island under her, ie. all employers cooperate with it and there is no other sponsors. from a tiny island that is say 10 kilometers with 15 kilometers if not less than 150 were Serbs.

Jelena Radovanović    Serbia     Negative    

Aquarius motel, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Experience

August 9, 2016

The most effective , most affordable , too kind , available at all times . I am very happy , and everybody that I have met through the agency. On a scale of 1-10 , let me say..1000 ! ; )

Branislava Stjepanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Dairy Queen, Ocean City, Maryland, Experience

August 9, 2016

Promptness agencies

andrea    Serbia     Neutral    

Atlantic Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

August 9, 2016

We had a few minor differences, but each time they show maximum cooperation and a willingness to solve problems . They are more expensive than other agencies (at least in Croatia )

Nina Čubrilo    Serbia     Neutral    

Murdick’s Fudge, Mackinac Island, Michigan, Expirience

August 9, 2016

All they were promised was done , good job.

Danilo Babic    Serbia     Positive    

Community Pools, Alexandria, Virginia, Experience

August 9, 2016

I was in a couple of agencies before I went with them . In a few words - it's simply feel like family , at home , and they are the most realistic and objective , you will not promise any villas and castles , but everything in detail how it is.

Goran Kliska    Serbia     Positive    

The Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center (Airport International Inn), Williston, ND, Experience

August 6, 2016

The team that works in Belgrade is very devoted to each student and will always tell you frankly how things stand . They will try to deal with your stubbornness - " So in addition as many beautiful places , I is not mad not to go to the North Dakota ... Let me see something else ... " that you face the reality - " In America, no milk and honey , to go with no expectations and you main motive is a new experience," will give you all the information you have and help you to prepare ... Ma emperors :)

Marija    Serbia     Positive    

The Oar Restaurant, Block Island, RI, Experience

August 6, 2016

The best, most comfortable and most beautiful :)

Bojana    Serbia     Positive    

Narragansett Inn, Block Island, RI, Experience

August 6, 2016

Very satisfied , I think they very well prepared candidates to interview with the employer , the embassy and before trip.

Bozena    Serbia     Positive    

Lisa G’s, Lake Placid, New York, Experience

August 3, 2016

All praise for the guys in BL office . They are azure , they know the answer to all the questions and most importantly, we were greeted at the airport in New York when we arrived . I had a problem with the employer when I came to America and boys immediate assistance in finding a better employer.

Dasha    Serbia     Positive    

Johnny Rockets Restaurant, Myrtle Beach, SC, Experience

August 3, 2016

Great guys from Banja Luka . Cooperation is very simple and correct. All in all, they have A from me.

Miroslav    Serbia     Positive    

The 1661 Rita Draper, ostrvo Block Island, Experience

August 3, 2016

I would add , as one of the problems that I had. During my working and staying in the United States happened to me that I get a hernia , and insurance that I signed with the agency before traveling to the United States only covers emergency interventions , but does not apply in the case of your eye and dental disorders, diseases and the like . The employer is obliged to cover all costs relating to health care services , as was the case with me.

Milos    Serbia     Neutral    

Kebek2 motel, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Experience

August 2, 2016

For myself always want the best ( not to understand too egotistically '' Who is not for ourselves , he is not for others '') !!! That's why I chose Experience and did not repent because they are truly professional , dedicated , patient ... all positive SHOULD ! They are third time my agents .

Jovana Lekovic    USA     Positive    

Brass and Balls Saloon , Ocean City, MD, Experience

August 2, 2016

All praise for my friends from the agency.

Vuk Sentić    Serbia     Positive    

Captain Georges Sea Food restaurant, Kill Devil Hills, Experience

August 2, 2016

Very satisfied fulfilled everything they promised and even more . Strongly recommend this agency to all .

Luka Berezljev Jokic    Serbia     Positive    

The Surf Hotel, Block island, RI, Experience

August 2, 2016

Super team , always positive .. The only agency that will tell you honestly what awaits you in America , especially Djordje ! :)

Jovanaa    Serbia     Positive    

Kebek2 motel, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Experience

August 2, 2016

For myself always want the best ( not to understand too egotistically '' Who is not for ourselves , he is not for others '') !!! That's why I chose Experience and did not repent because they are truly professional , dedicated , patient ... all positive SHOULD ! They are third time my agents .

Jovana Lekovic    Serbia     Positive    

Mirna    Serbia     Positive    

Community pool service, Falls Church, Virginia, Experience

July 31, 2016

All the best about the agency . They done all for me . Recommendation .

Uros Kuzmanov    Serbia     Positive    

Empire theatre, Block Island, Experience

July 30, 2016

For me the best

Ivana Cvetkovic    Serbia     Positive    

Community pool service ,Washington, DC, Experience

July 30, 2016

They're great . Comply with the agreement . Kind. Praise!

Luka Milisic    Serbia     Positive    

Community Pools Service Inc.,Reston, Virginia, Experience

July 30, 2016

Excellent agency staff dedicated to work and more than you need. :) It was this year, next year I'm going back over them. Any recommendations!

Ivana    Serbia     Positive    

Fritz and Frites, Galena, Illinois, Experience

July 30, 2016

People are extremely dedicated and professional , available almost 24 hours a day . On the other hand they are very friendly and communicative while chatting with them in the office look more like a coffee with friends. All praise and gratitude because they really did a great job !

Branislav Acimovic    Serbia     Positive    

Mirror Lake Inn,Lake Placid, NY, Experience

July 26, 2016

Secure, seamless team . They are always be there for us.

Valentina Odzin    Serbia     Positive    

Schulte’s Family Lodge, Lake Placid NY, Experience

July 26, 2016

Extremely kind and caring agents, patiently for a few-hour search for a suitable job .. Cooperation to wish for !!

Bojana Djukic    Serbia     Positive    

Bethany’s Airport Diner,Block Island, Experience

July 26, 2016

I am satisfied with the agency.

Vladimir Stankovic    Serbia     Positive    

The Oar, block island,RI, Experience

July 16, 2016

everything was cool , essentially ok . nothing special. done their job ...

Andreja Gardinovacki    Serbia     Positive    

National Hotel, Block Island, RI, Experience

July 16, 2016

Greeting the beautys and the most hard working girls Milana and Kristina. But :-) let's praise Djole and Jovica team from Belgrade, also Biljana from Novi Sad and Goran and Slaven from Bosnia .Super agencies, recommend to everyone !

Marko Đurđević    Serbia     Positive    

BJ’s on the Water, Ocean City, MD, Experience

July 16, 2016

Greeting for the beautys and the most hard working girls Milana and Kristina. But :-) let's praise Djole and Jovica team from Belgrade, also Biljana from Novi Sad and Goran and Slaven from Bosnia. Super agencies, recommend to everyone !

Marko Đurđević    Serbia     Positive    

Ariel, Las Vegas, Experience

July 16, 2016

Subagents of agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina , with whom I collaborated were azure , responsible and really willing to help and find answers to all the questions !

Tanja K.    Serbia     Positive    

Ere’s pizza, Lake Placid, Experience

July 15, 2016

Although I reported on time ( 1 January ) that I would choose the offer that suits me and got a discount on the program , I received an offer that had remained vacant at the end , and I did not save , because the price of air tickets soared in the meantime , and also visa prices rose . For the guys from the agency can say that OK :) but the experience was neutral.

Ivana J.    Serbia     Neutral    

Brass Balls, Higgins, Conners, Ocean City, Maryland, Experience

July 15, 2016

Absolute honesty, without false stories and false hopes , perfect communication, preparation for the embassy and every other possible help!

Sick Nick    Serbia     Positive    

Philly twist, Wildwood, NJ, Experience

July 15, 2016

I am really very happy ! People in the agency are great and above all friendly! All are much advocated for us and allowed all of our wishes . We collaborated as a team which is the most important !

Jana Šoć    Serbia     Positive    

Seam’s Seafood, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts , Experience

July 10, 2016

Congratulations for the organization of the agency. It is all as they say and they are really helping a lot with orientations and continuous e-mails. Non stop are smiling and ready to help in any situation if they are able . So congratulations for the agency Experience! 😊

Filip Dokic    Serbia     Positive    

Rose Farm Inn, Block Island, RI, Experience

July 10, 2016

Whole crew is the top! Professional , plesent , on the other hand we all have become friends . :)

Stevan Ilic    Serbia     Positive    

Crosery, Block Island RI, Experience

July 9, 2016

I am satisfied with the agency , we had constant communication and help for whatever it took .. As before departure and after ..

Krmar Milos    Serbia     Positive    

Harborside Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

July 9, 2016

Well-organized , they were sending us announcements an gave answers to al questions non stop. I loved them as if they 're kin , higher praise than this does not exist. :) Thanks Djole , Kris , I Jovica bye. *

Milijana Radovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Atlantic Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

June 11, 2016

Wonderful people, always ready to help. Organized. An excellent cooperation.

Jelena Merdovic    Serbia     Positive    

The Oar Restaurant, Block Island, RI, Experience

June 7, 2016

The agency is great, I am very satisfied.

Bojana    Serbia     Positive