BHV Education

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Robertos restaurant, Ogunquit, ME, BHV

August 14, 2016

As for all the agencies was extremely fair , always there when you need anything just contact and will try to help the best I can .

Igor    Serbia     Positive    

Steak n Shake, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, BHV

August 5, 2016

The Agency is totally indifferent to the students, especially those who do not live in Banja Luka .. I signed up in September 2013 as well as to realize some discount or rebate that it was not in the announcement .. most of the things I have to hundred odradis .. Regarding the flights it is only the specific story, the best option is to turn to themselves to find the flight that suits you because you will send one term and that's it

Andreaaa    Serbia     Negative    

Norseman, Ogunquit, Maine, BHV

August 1, 2016

Very friendly and available.

Lena Ugren    Serbia     Positive    

Anchorage by the sea, Ogunquit, Maine, BHV

August 1, 2016

All the best.

Nemanja Davidovic    Serbia     Positive    

Norseman, Ogunquit, Maine, BHV

August 1, 2016

They're great .

Andrea Petrovic    Serbia     Positive    

Billy’s ,Ogunquit, Maine, BHV

July 30, 2016

The agency is great , they helped me maximum . I thank them for that.

Jelena Barac    Serbia     Positive    

Ogunquit, Maine, Anchorage by the Sea, BHV

July 28, 2016

I had no problems with the agency and all praise for them.

Dijana    Serbia     Positive    

Tanja    Serbia     Positive    

Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Palace Playland, BHV

July 26, 2016

I do not have specific complaints about the work of the agency , did an excellent job correctly . Some things can be better, but all in all more positive than negative experience .

Diabolique    Serbia     Neutral